About me

My name is Heidi Briones. I ran for Congress in Oregon's first district in 2020.

I lost, but I'm okay with that. Winning comes in many forms.

I grew up in California. I went to university. I traveled the world. I got a job. I got another job. I went back to school. I traveled again. I went back to school again. More jobs. I got married. I moved to Oregon.

I live a mostly normal life with my wife and two cats. I read as much as I can. I sell things over the phone to pay the bills.

This blog will be a place where I can share my thoughts, musings, stories, and more.

I find social media to be dull and fake. I believe the only way to ensure that you can always reach people is to publish your own material on your own domain.

For better or for worse, this blog will only contain what I want to share regardless of any damn algorithm or how many shares or likes it gets.

I hope you enjoy the journey. Buckle up.

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I plan to keep my writing public and free. Paid members will get some extras, but you won't be missing a ton if you choose to simply be a free member. I'll love you all the same.

Thank you for being here.