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Excellent article. Pueblos sin Fronteras was a big NGO pushing the old caravans but seems to have gone dormant now. Adolfo Flores , then of Buzzfeed, used to travel with them a lot.


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This is a great article. I recently discovered you had blocked me on twitter (I am @Mindak67). Sorry if I offended. Never an intention.

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The best way to solve "welfare problem: is to open the legal pathways to immigration, and then charge a fee for entry.

This fee, which I discussed here, scales based on age: https://www.lianeon.org/p/toward-an-optimal-immigration-system .

Older immigrants pay more because they have fewer productive years ahead of them and cost more to care for. Younger immigrants would pay little, if anything, because they would add funds to the welfare system, rather than take from it.

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